Six Great St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas to Try

St Paddy’s day falls on March the 17th. If there’s one thing the Irish are famed for it’s throwing a brilliant party and having fun. Hosting your own party to celebrate this Saint is a great excuse to get some friends together for a good time. You can go all out, serving delicious snacks and dressing up to really look the part. Here are six great party ideas to try.

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Make your own sweet treats

Why not bake some delicious cupcakes and decorate them with cream frosting? Make standard fairy cakes and make the topping green by adding food colouring!

Create St Paddy-themed cocktails

Whip up some delectable ‘grasshopper’ cocktails! Mix Crème de Cacao, Crème de Menthe and double cream to create a green cocktail that will impress your guests. Use one part each of the spirits to two or three of the cream.

Organise some hilarious drinking games

The people at Buzzfeed have come up with a list of hilarious drinking games! A particularly amusing one is ‘sip, sip, shot’, an adult take on ‘duck, duck, goose’. Sit in a circle, the ‘bopper’ taps (bops) you on the head telling you to ‘sip’, until they get to the person they wish to take a ‘shot’. That person has to then chase them around the circle. If they don’t catch the ‘bopper’, they have to take a shot and sit back in their place. If they do, the ‘bopper’ has to sit down.

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Give St Patricks day gifts

Why not go all in and order some gifts for your guests? Websites such as offer a large selection of novel gifts for you to purchase at affordable prices.

Make your own shamrock decorations

Cut green felt into shamrocks and glue them together to make a headband or on to grips to make themed hairpieces! You could do the same with green paper to make bunting to hang around the room.

Fancy Dress

Finally, why not insist on a fancy- dress theme? Get your guests to dress up for maximum hilarity on the night! Whether you just impose a ‘green’ theme or have a competition for best (or worst) dressed, this is a fantastic way to get your guests in the party mood!

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