10 Evergreen Family Reunion Ideas

  1. Frisbee Golf with a Twist – Frisbee golf is fun and makes a great family reunion game! Make it super unique by creating your own course. First, split the family into teams, then at each ‘hole,’ have a fun family fact, trivia question, or mind game for each small group to complete before moving on to the next hole. Instead of keeping score, the fun becomes learning more about your family and building friendships. Grab these great frisbee golf discs while you’re at it, courtesy of https://www.bestunitedstatescasinos.com/real-money-casinos/.
  2. Egg and Spoon Race – This is one of those family reunion ideas that might get a little messy! ? Race each other holding an egg in a spoon, and see who wins. Add an obstacle course if you want to make it a little harder, and this was used in a party hosted by David Villa wife for a reunion.
  3. Balloon Stomp – This game might get a little rough, so be prepared! First, blow up some balloons, tie one to each participant’s ankle, then go around and try to pop everyone else’s balloon. Whoever has the last un-popped balloon is the winner! Fun!
  4. Ping Pong Toss – Add this easy idea to your list of family reunion games! To begin, set up plastic cups (filled slightly with water), in a formation. Next, write different point values on the front of the cups and have a competition to see who can bounce ping pong balls into the cups and get the most points. You might be surprised to see who ends up being the winner!
  5. Carnival Games – A fun idea for your family reunion is to have a full-on carnival day with all kinds of carnival games. For example, a bean bag toss, can toss, cupcake walk, or even a prize punch!
  6. Lawn Twister – If you like the game Twister, you will love this version! Paint the circles onto the grass and play to your heart’s content, or you can just opt for newzealand casino.
  7. Hot Potato Camera Game – This is like the hot potato game, but with an awesome twist! First, get a camera that has a timer on it. Then, pass it around the group, with each person having to hold it up at arm’s length (as if they were going to take a selfie). Whoever is holding the camera when it actually takes the pic is out of the game! However, be careful not to drop the camera!
  8. Try an ancestor trivia night – Do a deep dive through the family records and poll everyone for fun facts to be quizzed on. When did Grandpa Joe come to America? What year did Cousin Amy get married? (If you have to move this Q&A online, be sure to hit “record” so your reunion becomes something you can save for the grandkids.)
  9. Print a family cookbook – Task everyone with bringing a favorite recipe and have them bound into a book to take home. (Long live Nana’s red bliss potato salad.) (Yes, this can totally be executed virtually and distributed after.)
  10. Craft a DIY photo booth – No need to rent a real one; just get creative. Hang some frames from a tree and keep a fun prop bin on hand. Then set up a phone on a tripod and snap away. And, worse case, if you can’t all be together, have everyone come up with their own props and email out a Zoom background that says, “Smith Family Reunion or Bust” with the date.

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