Drive from Bristol to Wistman’s Wood on Dartmoor.

Living in and around Bristol you can easily drive to Dartmoor within two hours via the M5 and encounter the most remarkable Wistman’s Wood.  The forest canopy whispers and rustles above your head as you stroll through the groves of twisted Oak trees. This rare and ancient woodland is a survivor from an era in time when Mesolithic hunter-gatherers cleared some of the trees back in 5,000BC.

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These twisted and distorted tree limbs may well be direct descendants of trees that grew 10,000 years ago around the last Ice Age.  This spectacle of weird and wonderful old Oak trees, covered in green lichens and granite boulders known as “Clitter” is well worth the drive from Bristol in your family car that’s been kept well maintained behind Garage Doors Bristol.  If you need More info on Garage doors in Bristol then speak to a professional company about getting a new one fitted. The Druids are rumoured to have used Wistman’s Wood as a sacred place to hold their ceremonies and rituals.

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This weird and possibly wicked wood is also thought to have been home to the “Wisht Hounds” , the Hellhounds of the diabolical Wild Hunt.  This wood could well have inspired the stories of Harry Potter’s “Forbidden Forest” or Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. This is not a place you want to find yourself alone at night when the moon shrouds the entire woods with an ethereal light.

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