How to travel by plane with children

travel by plane with children

Intercontinental flights are long and boring for us adults, let alone for children. But if you are thinking about to travel by plane with children, then a few hours on the plane will not seem so impossible to deal with!

Children can dealt well with all these flights. We have to entertain them, of course, but it was also a way for us to pass the time.

Therefore follow our tips to travel by plane with children


The first advice we give you is to have a lot of patience. Children, you know, need to move. The narrow spaces of the aircraft do not allow it and this makes them intolerant.

Getting upset, however, will only make your children even more agitated. Keep calm, talk to him softly and in a low tone!

Sleeping is essential

Let your children sleep for at least half the flight hours. In addition to passing the time it will be essential to better face the time zone on your arrival.

Whether you go west or east, sleeping is very important to get used to the new schedule for us adults and even more so for children.

The pressure, however, causes drowsiness, so you will see that your children will fall asleep without having to convince them.

A little movement

The pressure causes swelling especially of the feet and temporary circulation problems. Moving by plane is therefore very important. Every hour try to get your child to walk a little. The exploration of the plane will fascinate you!

If you fall asleep try to make him lie down.

Ear discomfort

The discomfort in the ears especially during take-off and landing often makes our children suffer.

For a trip with children with otitis in airplane I suggest you ask the pediatrician what to do.

Getting them to drink or breastfeed anyway helps because swallowing relieves ear pressure.

Another method is, of course, to close the nose.

Some other practical advice


For the little ones it is necessary to bring the stroller in our travels.

The stroller can be carried up to the boarding: before getting on the plane it is delivered to the personnel who will return it to you once you arrive at your destination or as soon as you get off the plane or to deliver special and oversized baggage.

Traveling by plane with children aged two or under

Up to two years, children can travel for free or at a reduced price without seating.

You will be provided with special seat belts with which to hook your baby to you and you will have to hold him in your arms.

For very long flights cots are available but you will need to have a seat in a particular position on the plane, usually the first row.

If you prefer to be comfortable, you can buy a seat for your child, which becomes mandatory after two years of age.

Traveling by plane with children aged three or more

Children over the age of two pay the full price ticket.

We often use by booking in advance and having flexibility on the dates you can find very interesting offers.


On the airplanes there is always a menu dedicated to children. If you have any in tolerances, indicate this at the time of check-in or at a hostess as soon as you board.

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