Fun things to do at the airport

Most people find that once the excitement of checking-in has passed, airports can be a pretty dull environment of waiting and trying to pass time. Even worse when your flight is delayed for some reason. Some airports across the world are nice places to spend time in, but many are not. Whether your flight is delayed or you’ve just arrived super early, trying to keep yourself and others entertained might become an onerous job, so here are some fun things to do at the airport when you’re waiting for your flight.

Watch the world go by

For those with a good imagination, grab a comfy seat, perhaps inside a café or restaurant somewhere and play a little game – see if you can imagine where someone is going. Is that for business or leisure? Are they going home or leaving for some exciting destination?

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Read books or magazines

Reading books or magazines is a good way to escape reality, so it’s a great way to forget the time passing. If you don’t have a book on you, head to the bookstore and just stand there for an hour and read a book or flick through some magazines or buy it if you have the cash!

Make friends with strangers

Get chatting with anyone you’re seated next to and ask politely about their trip – it’s the perfect way to establish new friendships and learn some interesting stories. Who knows, you might meet love in your life or find new friends!

Social media

Not a fan of talking to people? Scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and then do it again for a while before you realize that no one has uploaded anything new.

Unique facilities

Why not discover what makes the airport you’re at unique and interesting. For example, at the Ireland West Airport you’ll find a Discovery Centre full of local information, an Aviation Gallery for plane enthusiasts and an Executive lounge for a more comfortable, relaxing way to spend your time pre-flight. You might be surprised at what facilities are available when you start to look further than the shops, cafes and bars. For Irish Airports, visit

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Future travel

Go to the departure board and look at the flights. Go to a bookstore and start reading some travel guides – it’s a great way to see new places and learn about new destinations you might never have considered visiting before.

Enjoy a feast

If you feel hungry, go and indulge in a proper seated meal. This way you will not be in a rush to finish and you can fully enjoy 3 kinds of dishes if you have time to kill waiting time between check-in and flight. Enjoy every bite and take lots of decent photos for Instagram.

Completing some work

For business travelers, the airport lounge can offer a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for catching up on some last-minute work or checking in on emails before you travel. It might not sound like fun, but if you’ve got deadlines, get it done at the airport so you can relax and enjoy your flight.


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