Navigating your way around the supermarket

We all think we’re pros at buying food at the supermarket, but the truth is there are tricks that these big companies have been using for years that still work on us. Getting the best deal is more than just assessing what’s out there – you also need to be aware of the tricks of the trade used in the stores to truly get the most out of your weekly budget. More and more supermarkets are operating loyalty schemes which act a little like membership without the fees. Membership Management Systems will be used such as the ones available at to retain all of the loyalty customers details safely and in accordance with GDPR regulations.

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Putting Treats in the Front Aisles

It’s no coincidence that the entrances of most supermarkets seem to be filled with crisps, chocolates and all sorts of tasty but unnecessary snacks. These treats are purposefully placed at the entrances and exits in order to try to tempt you to make an impulsive purchase. This is also the reason that fruit and vegetables tend to be towards the front of the shop – the bright colours stimulate the senses and put you in a more positive mood, making you more likely to put things in your trolley. To avoid this, start your shop at the middle of the store, where the more plain cartons and cans tend to be.

Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk can be a great way to save money in the long run, but make sure that you know what you’re doing. When supermarkets increase the size of what they’re selling, customers often think they’re saving money but then increase the amount they consume. So if you end up buying a 12-pack instead of a 6-pack, make sure that you’re spending less and not drinking more. The internet is full of helpful tips to keep up to date with the best deals out there, so keep your eyes peeled for deals that are really saving you cash.

Bigger Shopping Carts

Similarly, shopping carts have become larger in order to make people feel like they’re buying less. If you can, consider taking a basket (or one of the smaller trolleys) instead, so you won’t feel the psychological pressure to fill a huge art up to the top. If this is happening at your local supermarket, why not have your say at

Slow Music

Some supermarkets play music that is slower than the average heartbeat, psychologically manipulating their customers into slowing down and spending more time in the store (and hopefully spending more money). If you feel as if you’re being psychologically manipulated to spend more money, name and shame a company online to raise awareness of these sly tactics.

Alluring Smells

There are few smells nicer than baking bread. But it’s not a coincidence that the larger supermarkets are now doing all their baking on-site. Tempting smells make you salivate, which tells your brain you’re hungry, and this will make you a less disciplined and more impulsive shopper.

Don’t Shop While Hungry

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is shopping on an empty stomach. When you haven’t eaten, you will be particularly vulnerable to all the temptation that is around you, so if you want to save your pennies make sure that you’ve eaten before going for your weekly shop.

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