How to Protect Yourself Against a Recession

We have been in a period of economic uncertainty for quite some time now, and this doesn’t look likely to change any time soon.

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So if you are worried about a potential period of recession ahead, here are a few things you can do now to help protect yourself.

1. Don’t Panic

If history has taught us anything, it’s that rough economic times do eventually come to an end. The key to surviving them is to not make hasty financial decisions and to try to ensure your finances are in a strong enough position to weather the storm.

Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) can be well placed to help you take stock of your finances. With specialist software for IFAs available, such as Intelliflo financial adviser software, they can help you manage your financial risks efficiently.

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Take a look at the Financial Conduct Authority website – for details of how you can be protected.

2. Make a Plan

Regardless of the current economic climate, it always makes sense to have a financial plan. Look at what your personal and business goals are, and then consider how you are going to achieve them.

3. Consider Your Personal Circumstances

Your personal circumstances can have a huge bearing on the manner in which you may want to protect yourself against a recession.

Ask yourself if you feel safe in your current job, what other risks there may be in your life right now, such as your personal health, and what other responsibilities you need to protect, such as children or other dependents.

If there are any areas that you are uncertain about, now is the time to address them. For example, if you are worried that your job may not be safe, prepare to look around for something else.

4. Check Your Cash Reserves

Having a good reserve of cash can prevent the need to sell assets or shares when they may be low during a time of recession. Having some accessible cash savings put aside for a rainy day can really help you through a volatile economic period.

Remember that a recession is just a tough period within the economic cycle of ups and downs. Prepare well for the bad times and your finances will survive to see the good ones which will eventually follow.

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