Travel with Children: Caribbean vacation! Which island to choose? For us the Martinique!

Caribbean vacation

Would you like a Caribbean vacation with your family?

Warm sea, white sand, palm trees and coconut to sip?

A dream, right?

I know, you’re thinking:

It will cost a lot …

And then, which island i choose … There are so many.


I have a proposal for you!

We have been in Martinique and in our opinion is the ideal solution for a holiday with children.


Now I’ll explain it to you!

1) It is part of the European union



Martinique is an overseas district of France.

So you do not need a passport or special insurance coverage for medical coverage.

The currency is obviously the euro.

2) It is a safe, quiet and economic island

We did not go to a resort, but we rented a beautiful apartment with Airbnb.

We hired a car and walked around the island quietly.

This solution made the trip very cheap compared to expensive resorts.

Needless to say that staying in an apartment will allow you to cook at home, saving a lot.

The costs, then, of flight, rent and car hire are decidedly low.

3) The kitchen is suitable for children

One of the typical dishes is roast chicken with chips: very good.

You can also eat grilled fish of excellent quality and lots of sweet and tropical fruit that your children (and you and dad) will love.

Caribbean vacation

4) It will be a holiday full of stimulations for your child

The beaches are certainly very different from the other ones.

The palm trees, the warm, clear water, white sand, coral reefs and colorful fish.

All this will fill your child’s eyes with wonder.

The best and most suitable beaches for children are those of the coast to the south, in the Caribbean Sea.

But not only!

The tropical forest in the center of the island is crossed by a scenic road, the route de la trace.

At the beginning of the route de la trace, not far from the capital, there are also the Jardin Balata:

A beautiful botanical park where you can admire flowers and tropical plants and make an exciting walk among the trees.

Attention however the walk is allowed only from 9 years upwards.

The tropical vegetation with its greener green, its red and yellow flowers, the bamboo, the tall trees and the huge leaves will surely enchant your children.

The luxuriant nature, and the Caribbean certainly is, stimulates children who literally eat it with their eyes.

And it’s not over here.

You can also take them to see the iguanas on the islets along the west coast of the island on a beautiful motorboat trip that will amuse them a lot.

5) Rum and Lobster

The last reason why I recommend Martinique is not about children but parents.

The holiday must obviously be beautiful even for mom and dad who have the right to carve out moments for them.

My and my husband’s moments in Martinique were two:

  • Enjoy excellent freshly caught lobsters in restaurants by the sea paying very little (about €18)
  • Return home the evening after dinner, put to bed Ulysses, enjoy a glass of excellent martinian agricultural rum on the terrace, refreshed by the sea breeze.

The agricultural rum of Martinique is renowned and you will find several distilleries where you can buy it and have it sent to your home.

Some brands are also found on amazon: the clement we tasted it in Martinique and then ordered with amazon and we recommend it!

Then Mum!

What do you say?

Does it seem like a nice destination?

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