What to look into for your big wedding day

Every couple will know that their wedding day is a huge day and hopefully will only ever happen once in a lifetime, so every detail has to be just right from the choice of shoes all the way up to the venue..  These are some of the top things couples look for when organising a wedding.

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A bride will want the perfect dress that fits her shape, size and height and normally in a beautiful bright white colour.  To get the right one you will need to shop around trying on several options with your family and friends who will give you their honest opinion.  Dresses can vary in price depending on how much you want to spend can depend on the quality of the cut.

Look out for the perfect venue to hold your wedding evening do at as this is where you, your partner and the whole of your family and friends potentially will end the night at.  They will need to offer certain deals, meals, potentially a bedroom for the night and a beautiful setting.   An interesting option to try is a St Giles House Wedding venue found on links including http://www.nickrutterphotography.co.uk/blog/weddings/st-giles-house-wedding-photographer-dorset.  They offer everything you could imagine in an ideal location that will leave you with memories you will never forget.

A professional wedding photographer is another serious consideration to take time over.  There are plenty out there to find, but a quality one with training, experience and a couple of portfolios they can show you is ideal.  They need to know about lighting, reflective surfaces, good backdrops and lens size. They should be confident and have creative ideas to get some unique but beautiful shots.

Transportation is obviously needed, especially for the bride to get to the church or wedding venue on time and in style.  Some brides are happy to travel in a standard car with bows on, some want a rolls royce and some will only travel via horse and carriage.  Also think about the wedding party and if they all need picking up in a coach or bus and if they want to stay over the night.

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Your music choice can make or break the evening entertainment so do you want a singer, dj or a full band with instruments performing on stage.  Again this can really depend on your budget and how much you want to spend.

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